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Michelle's philosophy

Michelle believes that fitness is composed of several elements; it does not rest solely on how far you can run, or how comfortably you can touch your toes. Rather, fitness is a combination of efforts, made with intention, repeatedly. Her approach focuses on the body as a whole, with the inclusion and emphasis on the mind and it’s capabilities. She believes that moving your body is paramount, a nonnegotiable for optimal health.

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Why yoga?

Yoga is not just about Asana and Pranayama, It is a way of life. As Stated in the Yoga Mala, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois "Yoga stands for Union or Upaya which means path, or way which we follow, or by means of which we can attain something." "The mind should seek to attain what is best." Michelle’s yoga practice teaches the importance of union with breath and movement, and is far less about how flexible you are. Her classes provide a platform for mindfulness with increased strength and flexibility as a byproduct of this. Incorporating yoga into your fitness routine improves your self awareness, naturally detoxifies the body and leaves you not only feeling better than when you started, but knowing Yoga is a way of life.

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Why personal training?

Personal training allows for one on one encouragement and support, tailored to your individual needs. It involves understanding where you are at physically, and creating a training program unique to your body. This means factoring in personal injuries, and challenges that may be difficult to overcome alone. As a result, personal training will lead to a vast improvement in both your mental and physical health, all while ensuring your safety is of greatest importance.